How To Play....Bingo!

How to Play Online Bingo

There are many bingo-related games available at Scrummy Bingo, some of them play 24-hours a day. Some offer jackpots, and other games offer huge cash prizes. We have nearly every single bingo variation on the planet, please view our variations and how the games work below:


Firstly, you will need a good fast internet speed.

Laptop, PC, or Mobile device. This is so you can play the games.

A Payment method, but don’t worry if you don’t own a bank card, we accept Pay safe. This is a payment method where members can go to their local shop, and buy a Paysafe voucher. Just insert the long number into the box on the depositing page, and your account will be credited with the stated amount.

90 Ball Bingo

This bingo game is the most popular one in the UK. It is different from its relative 75-ball bingo, and has become one the favourite bingo games worldwide.

How to Play

Standard 90 ball bingo uses numbers from 1 to 90. There is an electronic bingo caller, who announces each number as they come out. When someone wins a game, the electronic machine checks it instantly. There is no need to ever miss a winning game, because it’s all automatic, and the machine will claim your winning sequence for you.

90 Ball Bingo Card Variation

This bingo ticket variation, is made up of 3x9 boxes. Each line has 9 squares and has five numbers with four empty spots. The lines are arranged as follows:

  • Column One has numbers from 1 to 9
  • Column two has numbers from 10 to 19
  • Column three has numbers from 20 to 29
  • Column four has numbers from 30 to 39
  • Column five has numbers from 40 to 49
  • Column six has numbers from 50 to 59
  • Column seven has numbers from 60 to 69
  • Column eight has numbers from 70 to 79
  • Column nine has numbers from 80 to 90

90-ball bingo is played in most instances on a strip that contains six tickets. The numbers used within the game are spread across the six bingo tickets, with the blank boxes taking up the remaining spots.

75-Ball Bingo Card Variation

The card is a grid containing 5 numbers across and five numbers down. Across the top of the card, there is normally the words, B.I.N.G.O with each column of numbers placed just under each letter. This is a most enjoyable game, because it takes longer to play than many other types of games.

When the caller announces a number, the number will be automatically dabbed for you, but you can also mark your cards manually too.

How the Card is Organised

The card has a square in the centre of the card, just under column N, and sometimes this is displayed as a free space. All rows and columns on the card have five numbers, except for the Free Square.

80 Ball Bingo

This games is a classic one, and is also known as shutter board bingo. This is a good game but not as popular as 75-ball bingo or 90-ball bingo.

80 Ball Bingo Card Variation

The bingo grid is 4x4 square, and it has 16 numbers. There are 4 columns from 1 -20 on each column. And each column can come in a different colour, but most of them are all the same colour on the online bingo version.

30 Ball Bingo

This type of game is one of the newest kids on the block. It’s a rapid quick-fire game. 30-ball bingo differs from other types of games. Because fewer numbers are called, there’s a higher rate of player involvement, and there’s a good chance of winning, because it’s a fast past game.

30 Ball Bingo Card Variation

The structure of this bingo card is a condensed version of the 75-ball bingo card. The grid consists of 3 rows, 3 columns, and 9 numbers.

Marking is easy, each column has a set of number values as follows:

  • Column one contains numbers from 1 to 10
  • Column two contains numbers from 11 to 20
  • Column three contains numbers from 21 to 30

We have nearly every single game on the market today. We love our players so much, and that is why we like to give them the very best in online gaming.

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